Vocational Pathways

Colour Your Future with Vocational Pathways

Find the pathway that is right for you

Not sure what you want to be? Unclear about your career options? Need help to plan your studies?

The Vocational Pathways can help you plan your journey from learning to earning. They represent a way to achieve NCEA Level 2 (or equivalent) with Vocational Pathways at the same time. You can see how your credits are valued by industry and the types of study options and job opportunities available.

The pathways are flexible and enable you to change your direction as you’re on your journey.

You can use the Vocational Pathways to plan your career and study options by using the colour coded pathways, and easily see how your skills and interests relate to industry.

Vocational Profile

Your Vocational Profile, on your record of achievement shows how your NCEA credits are mapped to Vocational Pathways.

You can use your profile to show employers how your interests and qualifications relate to industry, and support you to do further study, training, or move into work.

Check out your Vocational Profile at www.nzqa.govt.nz/login

NCEA Level 2 with Vocational Pathways

NCEA Level 2 (or equivalent) is the minimum qualification that you need to achieve to show that you are ready to enter and progress to further study, training or work.

Achieving NCEA Level 2 with Vocational Pathways means that you have some interest, knowledge and skills related to industry. It shows you have: 

• Achieved the required number of credits to achieve NCEA Level 2.
• Achieved the required industry related credits that align with a particular industry.
• A broad understanding of industry.
• Or, interest and skills that relate to a particular industry.

Use the Vocational Pathways to plan your studies. There are lots of options. Whether you want to work in construction or health, or unsure about the pathway that is right for you – the Vocational Pathways offer lots of choice across industries to achieve your NCEA Level 2.

You will be able to make an informed decision about your future and see where your interests can take you.