Option Updates

Option Choices, Changes and Clashes

Final date for entries is
Wednesday 23rd August 2023.

  • Ensure your option choices have been carefully considered, before entering them. The choices made are used to create option lines and careful choices should minimise option clashes.
  • Your parents or guardians are a vital part of helping you choose your options. When your course selection is  complete, your parents or guardians can log on with their Marist College logon and password to view option choices you have made.
  • Every effort is made to give you the choices you want. However, clashes do occur. You will be notified at the final assembly for seniors.
  • Lack of numbers may mean a subject will not run. You will be notified and asked to re-choose if this occurs. This will also be indicated at the final assembly for seniors.
  • Year level Deans will oversee your choices. Heads of Departments can also assist you to choose. The Deputy Principal Curriculum will have overall responsibility for student choices.
  • At the beginning of the year, senior students will have their courses confirmed on-line or at course confirmation days.
  • Option changes may only be made on the basis of new information such as external examination results. A change will only be made after timetable implications have been considered by the Deputy Principal Curriculum.
  • Many subjects have pre-requisites for continuing to study them. These pre-requisites are there as a guideline to you. They indicate that you need the level of knowledge and skill implied by the pre-requisite in order to be able to succeed at the next level.