Dear Students of Marist College,

The Education Review Office published a report focused on how well Secondary Schools prepare students ‘for future opportunities in education, training and employment’. Some important statements from the overview are relevant to you at this time of making choices.

Effective secondary schooling is moving away from offering a programme that is suitable for most students, and towards identifying and responding to the aspirations, strengths, culture and needs of every student.

This statement highlights the need to focus on each of you, what strengths you have, what needs, what cultural patterns you bring and where is it you wish to go in the future.

Students should have on-going opportunities to develop career management competencies: through increasing their self awareness, exploring their options and making decisions.

The process in which you are now engaged is part of developing this competency.

Student success at senior secondary school can be seen as a culmination of the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have developed throughout their time at school. The qualifications and knowledge students develop at secondary school provide a platform for a learner’s life as an adult. The pathways students start to take in senior secondary school help shape the way they will contribute as young adults.

As part of the evidence of how well schools respond to the challenge of the New Zealand curriculum to develop confident, connected actively involved lifelong learners, the report refers to student option books. This is an important document for you to consider. It is part of a process. 

This process involves reflection on who you are, where your personal strengths lie, where your aspirations are leading you and what skills and knowledge you will need to take with you on your journey. As well as information about courses within the school, this booklet includes guidelines to help you choose, important websites which you can access and advice on where specific choices might lead you.

In partnership, family, student and school we can achieve our School Mission.
The Marist College Community is committed to fostering excellence in education founded on living Catholic Values and the Spirit of Mary.

‘Ki te katahi te kakaho ka whati, Kikte kapuia e kare e whati.
When reeds stand alone, they are vulnerable, but bound together they are unbreakable.’

My final advice to you is to enjoy the process - don’t let anxiety overwhelm the excitement you feel when you contemplate the journey ahead.

Mrs Cecilia Adams  Mrs Raechelle Taulu
Deputy Principal - Curriculum Principal