Attitude and Focus

Key Points

Do you have a strong sense of purpose?

It is important to know what your purpose is so that you can maintain your drive to succeed - especially when the going gets tough!

Attitude Questionnaire

Finding your purpose for wanting to achieve something is important because it identifies why you want it, what drives you, and what keeps you going when faced with difficulties.

To help you become clear about your purpose, answer the following questions.
Rate on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest) how motivated you are to succeed at your studies. If you are in the lower half, it may be helpful to redefine your purpose and reasons for doing this.

Rate: (10 highest)
1. Why are you studying? 
(For example: To get good grades)
0          |        10
2. Does your purpose motivate you to study?
(For example: Yes. I am totally committed to doing this work!)

0          |        10
3.   What is your intention once you have finished school? 
(For example: To go to university)

0          |         10
4.   What are you prepared to give up in order to achieve your purpose?
(For example: Watching television until exams are over)

0          |         10
5.   Are you aware of any limiting attitudes or beliefs about undertaking academic study? 
(For example: I am only doing this to please my parents)

0          |         10