Online Instructions

Making Your Course Choices Online

Getting Started with Course Choices - Students:

Log onto 'School Point' through the button on the dash board of SchoolBridge or through the Marist College website, under Our School, Curriculum, Subject options - 

Please choose one of the following choices buttons: 'Definitely returning' or 'Not returning'
Please indicate if you are returning to school next year.

Next year I am:

Please choose one of the following choices:
Select from the following buttons:

My option courses:
This is where you can choose your courses. Simply click the course button that you want to look at. If you would like to choose this course, click on the 'select as one of my options' button. The course will move into the '2024 Course Options'  boxes to the right of the screen. To look at another course, simply click the 'more courses for me' button. When all the '2024 Course Options' boxes are full and you are happy with your choices, go back to the 'courses for me screen' and click the 'Complete my courses' button.

Getting Started with Course Choices - Parents/Caregivers:
You can go through the course selection with your daughter as above. When this is complete, you can log on with your Marist College logon and password to click the 'Approve Course' button for each of the option choices the students have made.

For any queries please contact Dr Bronwyn Houliston on [email protected]