“Business gives you real-life insight into the business world not only in NZ but internationally. It is a subject that is inclusive of Accounting and Economics but focuses more on aspects like management and marketing.”

“Business revolves around the aspects on how to operate a successful business. In the subject you learn to work as a team and form great leadership responsibilities. You learn to use everyone’s strengths and weaknesses in order to better your work ethic as a whole as you are thinking from a business perspective.”

“What we learn is extremely relevant to the wider world, making it a really interesting subject to study; especially if you are passionate about the government, society and law. Economics is about how we can make the biggest benefit on society – if you are passionate about this you will enjoy year 13 Economics.”

“Accounting is quite numeracy based and consists of some report writing. It is a very enjoyable subject and you learn a lot which will have impact on your life in the future such as mortgages, GST etc.”