"To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world." (Mandarin saying).

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, which means there are more people speaking Chinese than English. Learning Chinese is fun, interesting and mentally stimulating. By learning Chinese, you will be able to read and write artistically formed characters and gain valuable knowledge about one of the oldest cultures in the world.

You might be surprised to hear that French, this beautiful, melodious language, often called the language of love, is quite easy to learn for English speakers. This is because English derived from French therefore not only does it have the same alphabet, but a lot of similar words as well. In today‚Äôs world of increased communication and international diversity, learning French is a good idea. It is the official language of the International Red Cross, the European Union, UNESCO, the United Nations and also one of the two official languages at the Olympic Games.

Te Reo Maori is the foundation language of Aotearoa, the ancestral language of tangata whenua the indigenous people. Te Reo is also one of the official languages of Aotearoa which is a language for everyone. Learning Te reo will give you access to Te ao Maori, the Maori world and its wonderfully unique culture. The insights and experiences that you gain as you learn the language will enrich and broaden your understandings of the uniqueness of Te ao Maori.  Studying Te reo offers more than just the knowledge of another language, as an academic discipline, it increases your analytical and communication skills.  It also strengthens historical, cultural and community understanding and can lead to involvement with a broad range of areas.