Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Carroll

Term 1 Adolescent Nutrition

Term 2 NCEA Level 1 Demonstrate understanding of how cultural practices influence eating patterns in New Zealand. 5 credits

Term 3 Food Science & Chemistry Dessert making - Processing Technology

Term 4 Vegetarianism and Cake Making


Recommended Prior Learning

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Pathway Tags

Service Industry What’s the work like? It’s a great sector for young people. If you enjoy working with people you’ll get a kick out of it. Good communication and presentation skills are important. Working in teams and dealing with people means you’ll need to speak and listen well to others and relate to people from all walks of life. You’ll also be able to pay attention to detail. If you can work out how to handle tricky situations diplomatically, you’ll go a long way. Knowledge of New Zealand and local culture and heritage is a real asset. And because employers and customers are keen on people who have the X-factor, a willingness to learn and being passionate about your work is also important. What’s great about this sector? With skills from this sector you can work and travel the world. You’ll mix with and meet plenty of interesting people and you’ll be doing work that has lots of variety. There’s not much sitting around. In these jobs you’re the brand, dealing directly with people. It’s easy to work part time In this sector – great if you want to use it to support further study. The skills are transferable. With experience, you can walk in with your CV one day and have a job the next. It can be truly inspirational – from travel to tourism, hairdressing to hospitality, physical fitness to finance services. You’re working with and talking to people about how they can achieve their aspirations and make dreams come true. And at the top end, you can earn very good money. Why is this sector important? People in this sector are ambassadors for New Zealand. Your actions impact on visitors’ experiences and viewpoints about our country. This sector makes up a massive 25 percent of New Zealand’s workforce, brings in millions of dollars of overseas currency, and meets the needs and aspirations of thousands of New Zealanders.,