Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 7284941

Recommended Prior Learning

12 NCEA Level 2 Digital Technology credits.

Students will have the choice of three broad pathways in the Level 3 digital technology course: Web development, Design, and “Hacking”. 

The program is open entry but will build on the skills developed in Level 2 towards more advanced projects for those who have completed the Level 2 course.  

All three pathways will involve designing and developing a digital outcome of some sort. Mobile phone apps, Minecraft worlds, Websites, Videos and Digital Music are a few examples of possible projects.  

The Design pathway places an emphasis on considering outcomes which aesthetic and functional value for people in the real world. The Web developer pathway places emphasis on learning to code for the web and HTML, CSS and JavaScript are all part of the learning. The “Hacker” pathway involves students building their own file server with a Raspberry Pi using the Linux operating system, as well as learning how to store and manipulate data in databases that serve dynamic websites.  

There will be opportunities for students to work together and collaborate on projects if this is what they choose to do.  

The skills and knowledge acquired in this course will serve as a solid grounding tertiary study in Computer Science and / or for a future involving digital technology beyond school. 

Internal Assessment 16 credits. External Assessment 3 credits.


Learning Areas: