Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms C. Nicklin

Music is a practical subject. In Year 10 Music you will develop your performance skills by choosing, rehearsing and presenting pieces of music as a soloist or in an ensemble. You will have the opportunity to write your own music, for example to compose a 12 bar Blues. You will also learn about music styles, composers and their works ranging from Taonga Pūoro to contemporary music, and expand your knowledge of the elements and theory of music.



Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry. If the students are not already learning an instrument, you will be enrolled in the Itinerant Music programme offered at Marist.

Pathway Tags

Performing: Opportunities to perform in orchestras, bands, groups, musicals etc. Songwriting, co-songwriting Composing and arranging music for films, advertisement, etc Education: Early childhood, primary and secondary school music teaching, instrumental teacher Publishing and Journalism – Music publishing, critics Conducting – a highly sought after skill for leading choirs, orchestras, bands, Church groups Broadcasting: Radio, Recording, Sound engineering, Music studio technicians, etc Manufacturing and Sales – Instrument designer, repairman, craftsman, music store personnel Music Therapist, Music Librarian, Music business attorney, community arts manager, recreation arts programme supervisor, Acoustic engineers, etc.

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