Performing Arts subjects all teach the essential life skills of collaboration, courage and innovative thinking. Plus, applying your gifts and talents in the Arts to your school life has many benefits – including high rank scores for university entrance and NCEA course endorsements.  

Dance - If you love to be up and moving dance is a great opportunity to develop skills in creativity, collaboration and critical thinking; all important skills in any walk of life! We learn about dance from a wide range of dance genres and programmes are designed to challenge and suit the interests of those in each class. Choreography and performance are key elements which are explored and are done both individually and in groups. Dance is suitable for all students no matter their experience, all you need is a passion to move!  

Learning opportunities in Drama are described by students...
"Drama is super-interactive and hands on – you need to be prepared to get creative and willing to put your heart into it.” 
"Drama is an empowering subject that begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” 
“Drama involves a balance of doing and thinking – it has broadened my knowledge and challenged my perspective.” 

Music can be a lens through which we explore cultures, emotions and even geometry! The music course aims to develop your skills in performance, composition, and understanding music of the world including Taonga PÅ«oro and western music theory. Music at Marist allows you to work within your areas of strength, such as performance or composition, while helping you to stretch and grow, to try new things.

Performing Arts Technology is for students with an interest in theatre and film and Television , practical arts/design, technology or a desire to work backstage on productions. All of the internal assessments relate to an aspect of backstage theatre work. Unit standards include: costume design, lighting design and operation, stage management, set-design and stage make-up. Performances taking place during the school year may provide the context for some of these unit standards therefore requiring students to attend some rehearsals and performances out of class time. You will attend a live theatre performance.