From the University of Auckland – Department of Mathematics:

“Why take Mathematics? Mathematics leads everywhere, from foreign affairs, through research in Science, the Social Sciences and Medicine, to Commerce, Computing and Information Technology. Mathematics leads to perhaps more diverse potential careers than any other discipline because it is the language through which nature, technology and reality is described. It is thus essential for almost every sphere of knowledge and activity in the modern world.”

Mathematics, Building and Construction Manager, Building Contractor, Building Inspector, Carpenter, Electrician, Floor and Wall Tiler, Joiner, Plumber, Gasfitter and Drainlayer, Quantity Surveyor, Energy and Chemical Plant Operator, Geospatial Specialist, Architect, Architectural Technician, Industrial Designer, Naval Architect/Boat Designer, Survey Technician, Surveyor, Engineering, Automotive Mechanic, Aeronautical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering, Technician/Draughtsperson, Electrical Engineer, Electronics, Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Engineering Machinist, Locksmith, Marine Engineer, Toolmaker, IT and Telecommunications Business Analyst, Computer Support Technician, Database/Systems Administrator, Game Developer, Information and Communication Technology Manager, Network Engineer, Programmer, Software Architect, Test Analyst, Web Designer, Web Developer, Website Administrator, Line Mechanic, Telecommunications Engineer, Telecommunications Technician, Finance and Property Accountant, Accounts Officer, Actuary Auditor, Finance Manager, Financial Adviser, Financial Dealer, Insurance Claims Officer, Insurance Loss Adjuster, Payroll Officer, Energy Auditor, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent, Valuer, Science Chemist, Food Technologist, Forensic Scientist, Geologist, Meteorologist, Physicist, Physiologist, Science Technician, Education and Social Sciences, Primary School Teacher, Private Teacher/Tutor, Secondary School Teacher, Tertiary Lecturer, Economist, Market Research Analyst, Statistician, Manufacturing Glass Processor, Metal Worker, Plastics Technician, Production Manager, Farming, Fishing, Forestry and Mining Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural/Horticultural Scientist, Forestry Scientist, Mining Engineer, Health and Community Biomedical Engineer, Dispensing Optician, Medical Radiation Technologist, Government, Law and Safety, Air Force Officer, Army Officer, Navy Officer, Transport and Logistics, Aeroplane Pilot, Procurement Manager, Business Management, Consultant, Arts and Media, Light Technician, Retail and Personal Services, Auctioneer, What's Next?,