Classical Studies is the study of two civilizations significant in the history of mankind; the ancient Greeks and the Romans. The course investigates mythology, art, drama, philosophy, religion, science, history and literature. The ideology, philosophy, science and literature which underpinned the achievements of the Greeks and Romans, are very relevant today as they provide a window through which we can more clearly view and understand our own culture.

“Geography opens the world to you.” Geography in schools is an exciting, varied programme. It is about people and places and how these two aspects interact and work together. Students use a variety of resources and experiences to help them better understand the world we live in and how we affect this world.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell. History is the study of people, events and ideas from the past. Historians analyse sources such as letters, photographs, documentaries, cartoons and books to develop an understanding of the past.

“Helps You See the World.” Tourism is all about People, Product and Places. Tourism is an interesting programme. It helps students develop an understanding of what tourism is. In particular investigating New Zealand but also other countries around the world as destinations. At the same time, it helps develop the skills required for use in the tourism industry.